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Mayweather Creating Illusion He Wants Golovkin

ST8A3388 copy 2We all know Floyd Mayweather is boxing again and his latest faked retirement last year is just that – a FAKE retirement schemed to provoke fans to forget all his boring fights and hopefully spark new buzz and enthusiasm for his record breaking 50th fight. Floyd is now speaking about boxing Gennady Golovkin which most astute ring observers know is pure nonsense and bulljive. Floyd will never fight Golovkin because Golovkin is far FAR too much trouble and too much of a health and self preservation risk for a 39 year old protected star diva fighter. So Floyd has to create the ILLUSION that he wants to face GGG which would inject credibility and excitement factors into his planned “comeback.” Floyd is cleverly but dishonestly using GGG’s star power to try to spark interest and momentum in this ponzi scheme comeback. It’s the same old flashy name-dropping trick of pretending to want to fight the big star later on so as to lure boxing fans to BUY and watch his next fight against the next handpicked Al Haymon controlled patsy who will play nice and follow the agenda (probably Garcia or Thurman) – which is to maintain the ongoing Al Haymon choreographed illusion that Floyd is the unbeatable GOAT. But be certain of one thing: we all know there is absolutely no way on earth Floyd would never ever fight Gennady Golovkin as it took SIX years to finally force pressure and coerce Floyd to agree to fight Manny Pacquiao – DON’T BE FOOLED AGAIN BOXING FANS The Floyd reality show is back and it wants to steal more of your hard earned money. BOYCOTT it. –Scoop Malinowski

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