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The 5 Hole: Born To Be Wild

The All Star break has come and gone, and now it’s back to business for the Islanders. Tuesday nights’ game started a stretch of 35 games in the next 68 nights to end the season. For the first time this season, they met the Minnesota Wild for a showdown. The Isles have not been kind to Western Conference opponents this season. 10-1-1 is the Isles record at home when they welcome in a opponent from the West. Tonight’s game was no different. A 5-3 throttling allowed the Islanders to start of the stretch run strong on the right foot knowing the division leading Washington Capitals will be waiting for them Thursday night. Below are the best bites from social media during tonight’s affair, enjoy.
Test # 1 passed.

They love you too.

Staple: The Mindreader of IslesTwitter. Hazzah!!

This made me chuckle.

Is there any reason no to? HELL NO!!!!

Score a goal, take shot!

People let me tell you about my best friend…

Feel the steel of my HAMMER!!!

Staple is on point tonight. Another gem.


Inserts heart emoji.

“Good…Good…Very Good.



I have no words…

Alright Art you win already.

Take all my money, just take it!


Who doesn’t like the sound of that?

The Captain joining in on the fun. No we don’t mind.

Guess he didn’t get my message. Oh well.

Damn straight.

Game. Set. Match.

I love you post- J.F. secretly says under mask.

I’ve seen this script before. Gulps.

Every burning second of it.

Everybody Love Everybody! Come on!

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