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‘Being Guillen’ Podcast To Debut Friday At La Vida Baseball


La Vida Baseball (LVB), the nation’s leading Latino English-language baseball media company, announced today the launch of their newest live talk show and podcast “Being Guillén.” The show is hosted by Ozzie Guillén, the first Latino manager to win a World Series, and two of his sons Ozzie Guillén Jr. and Oney Guillén. The Guilléns will give fans their uncensored and unrestricted takes on baseball’s hottest topics like only they can. The first season of “Being Guillén” premieres Friday, December 6 at 1 p.m. CST on La Vida Baseball’s social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube) and the podcast is available on Soundcloud and Google podcasts. The first season’s run of 12 shows will air through February 14, 2020.

“I am very happy to have this platform” said Ozzie Guillén, former manager of the Chicago White Sox. “We want to discuss, argue, and promote the game of baseball. But more than that, we want to talk about what the game of baseball means to us. We are looking to be a unique show – three people who view the game completely differently. I just happen to be the dad of the two other guys. I played, coached, managed, and now am in the media. Not many people where I come from in Venezuela get to host a show about Latino baseball with their kids in English. It should be fun.”

If there’s anything the Guilléns know all too well, it’s that there are often many sides to a story. With “Being Guillén,” each host plays his part bringing his background and opinions to the table. Ozzie brings his perspective as a former coach and manager, Oney brings his perspective as a former player and Ozzie Jr. brings his perspective, as he puts it with a sly smirk, “as an educated baseball savant.”

“People always think they know Ozzie, but they only know clips of Ozzie,” said Ozzie Guillén Jr., former baseball color analyst for the Chicago White Sox’s Spanish radio broadcast. “This show will give you a side of Ozzie that only we, as his sons, get to see. I know fans will have a riot.”

With stories about players coming out daily, the Guilléns are excited to give their opinions using their unique inside knowledge of the MLB and its people.

“Ozzie, Ozzie Jr. and Oney represent everything that is La Vida Baseball,” said Jay Sharman, CEO of TeamWorks Media, La Vida Baseball’s parent company. “They bring the voice, passion and spirit that our growing audience craves. We look forward to building this show and further entertaining and engaging our followers.”

“Being Guillén” airs as a part of “La Vida Baseball ¡Live!,” the brand’s weekday live talk show covering Latino baseball culture. Since its Spring Training launch in 2019 the show has averaged more than 50,000 weekly views since June. The show is produced and formatted for every major social media platform – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Live, YouTube – and LaVidaBaseball.com. “La Vida Baseball ¡Live!” is hosted by Jennifer Mercedes (@Chica_Deportes) with daily contributors including former BBWA president Jesus Ortiz, Ozzie Guillén Jr., and Julie Alexandria. Through its tight-knit relationships with players, “La Vida Baseball ¡Live!” gives fans access to people and places they can’t get anywhere else.

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