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Biofile: Eusebio Pedroza

By Scoop Malinowski
Status: Former WBA Featherweight champion made a division-record 19 successful title defenses over a seven-year reign. His ring record was 41-6 (25 KO’s). Was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame.
Ht: 5-8  Wt: 126
DOB: March 2, 1953  In: Panama City, Panama
Boxing Inspiration:  ”Ismael Laguna.”
Nickname:  ”The Scorpion.”
Hobbies/Leisure Activities:  ”Studying history, reading, housework.”
Favorite Meal:  ”Fish.”
Favorite Breakfast Cereal: “Quaker Oatmeal.”
Pre-Fight Feeling:  ”Combat. Boxing is very impressionable. I always would study my opponent and stare them down. Concentrate on any kind of fault the opponent would have. For the most part, I was very relaxed. But there were some times when I would feel pressure, in terms of my emotions. That’s depending what country I was boxing in. In London, England against Barry McGuigan I felt a lot of pressure (lost a 12 round decision in his 20th defense in 1985). Due to the country itself, the way I was treated by the people, so on and so forth.”
Greatest Sports Moment:  ”When I became champion of the world. When they stopped the match and raised my hand, I was the happiest man on the planet (TKO 13 Cecilio Lastra in Panama City in 1978).”
Most Painful Moment:  ”When I lost against Alfonso Zamora (KO by 2 in 1976 for World Bantamweight title). Because my mother had a lot of illusions that I would win that fight.”
Toughest Opponent:  ”Orlando Omares. He’s the only fighter that actually had me see the ring upside down [smiles]. But afterward, I knocked him out (TKO 9 in 1975).”
Favorite Boxers To Watch:  ”Sugar Ray Robinson. Davey Moore. Sonny Liston – aside from having a very strong punch, he was a very technical boxer. Cassius Clay. Boxers from which I can learn something from them. Boxing has nine punches. Many don’t reach that repertoire in boxing. They only go with five or six punches. They don’t know the whole rules of the sport. To be a boxer you have to know the nine punches. When you know the nine punches you will become a world champion.”
Which Fight Were You At Your Very Best:  ”1980 against Sa-Wang Kim in Seoul, Korea. I made a short trip to Hawaii right before the fight. And I became very prepared by doing a lot of snorkeling. And I was able to go underwater for seven minutes holding my breath! And that helped me become very healthy. Great shape. I grabbed Sa-Wang Kim and almost killed him. Knocked him out with a body shot (to solar plexus) in the eighth round. I hit him so hard when he went down, his feet and legs were going like this: (Pedroza demonstrates with his fingers bouncing uncontrollably).”
How Would You Like To Be Remembered:  ”A grand champion and a very humble person.”
Favorite Vacation Spot:  ”I enjoyed my visit to the International Boxing Hall of Fame very much (Canastota, NY in 1999).”
People Qualities Most Admired:  ””Humble people. Because I believe in God. There’s nothing valid in being vain. How much is gold and silver and diamonds really worth when you can’t take it with you when you’re gone? The most beautiful thing is the nobleness of the human being.”
Family:  Wife, Jeanette, six children.

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