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‘NBA Wives Club’ Former Member Pens Inspirational Book

YGLGFA former NBA wife, who once sported high heels and money as the source of her power and self-esteem, offers readers a beautiful garment of praise to God who faithfully raised her from the ashes of a failed life in center court.

Author and speaker Dr. Siohvaughn Funches’ You Gotta Let God Finish!, which originated as a life-changing message God once spoke to her despairing and confused heart, released her second inspirational book during October, which happens to be Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Funches hopes the book’s 188 pages will act as a powerful healing balm to deliver readers from the ledge of despair and brokenness—where she once lived—to renewed faith in a God who finishes what He starts.

“God came to restore my worth, removing every lie the devil ever told me through the mouth of man and the media,” Funches says. “When it comes down to it, no one can speak on our worth, because it cannot be measured. My worth, and yours, is priceless!”

Throughout the book, Funches administers biblical comfort to the frustrated, confused and those readers who question God’s love and ability to set them free, like she once did. “My friend, the truth is that I know hardships all too well, and have become acquainted with the process and pains of letting God finish. I know well the weight of waiting on the promise of God to manifest. I have danced with despair, entertained doubt, and confessed with tear-filled eyes “I give up!” she admits.

Quoting chapter and verse, You Gotta Let God Finish systematically unveils God’s often mysterious ways and seeming last-minute plans and purposes illustrated through accounts of his people, including Jesus, Joseph, Moses, Nehemiah, Daniel, Lazarus, and Mary and Martha, among others.

“God used the lives of many men and women throughout the Bible to reveal His heart and His ways to me so I wouldn’t be burdened. All of these people’s lives are good examples, but the greatest is the example of the life of God Himself as He walked it out here on the earth as Jesus,” Funches says. “Then He began to minister to me about my own life, and had me look back over times when I let Him finish and the rewards I received for doing so. I know it will help transform and equip you to attain all that God has promised.”

Funches briefly mentions her heated, decade-long public breakup with who used to be one of professional sport’s most celebrated athletes in You Gotta Let God Finish as a testimony of God’s faithfulness.

She also discusses the healing she experienced from God after suffering from years of abuse.  “I am healed! My mind, emotions, heart, and soul have been healed from years of abuse from someone I loved deeply. God gave me beauty for those ashes, healed my heart, and even blessed me to love again!” Funches concludes.

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