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No Class Wilder is a Heavyweight Shame

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By Scoop Malinowski

The empty pot makes the most noise.

The scared dog barks the loudest.

Deontay Wilder is screaming like a maniac now after defrauding and deceiving his way to ducking the heavyweight super fight vs Anthony Joshua, almost exactly like Mayweather faked his way out of facing Manny Pacquiao for six years via lies, deception, false allegations, etc.

Wilder used some of the most horrific, ugly language in the history of elite boxing, to slander and smear Joshua this week.  Wilder’s gutter act is so repulsively disgusting that it’s not worth repeating.

But it shows exactly what Wilder is: a no class, disgraceful fraud with zero honor and integrity.

Team Wilder is trying to project it’s cowardice on Joshua, and this tactic will of course fool many, many fans and media. Accuse the other of doing exactly what you are. Pretend you want the big fight, lie through your teeth, scream and bark like a rabid dog. That’s what Wilder has to do, otherwise the world sees the ugly truth – he’s a protected fraud.

Wilder and his team are desperate. They earn peanuts compared to Joshua and they draw flies, despite a (fraudulent, choreographed) 40-0 record. They need to build Wilder into a star and losing to Joshua kills the whole operation.

Wilder is yelling and screaming all kinds of crazy talk about Joshua and Hearn in a disgusting manner which calls to mind Mike Tyson in his dark, insane period in the early 2000s when he was broke and afraid to fight Lennox Lewis because he knew he had no chance vs the mighty Lennox (Tyson admitted after losing to Lewis, “I could never beat him, he’s just too big and too strong.”).  Tyson fully knew he couldn’t beat Lewis and had to pretend he could. Tyson tried to scare everyone and Lewis with his insane act. Because deep down Tyson felt like a zero and he had to cover that up with the lunatic behavior. He had to try to make himself look worthy of being on the same level of Lewis.

Wilder is now doing the same. If he was the one who truly wanted the fight and Joshua dodged him he would be quietly confident and carry himself with grace and honor – exactly like Joshua is doing now.

The parallels of Lewis vs Tyson and Joshua vs Wilder are abundant. One is the proven best, the other is an inferior, protected pretender, controlled by greedy con-artists. Tyson once was great but by 2000 he was a shell of himself, broke, second wife just left him, deep in debt and psyched out by the overall superiority and greatness of the classy Lewis which Mad Mike always tried to downplay and diminish. Wilder has never been great, or even close to great, and he is, I am certain, completely psyched out by Joshua’s magnanimous greatness, no matter what he says and lies to you about Joshua. Wilder envies and wishes he could be what Joshua is, intelligent, cool, respected, admired.

When Wilder acts and talks like a raving mad lunatic, he is showing you his true colors. He is a misfit, protected pretender. No true champion in boxing history ever spoke in such inglorious, ugly, subhuman, degenerate, filthy terms as Wilder has this week about Joshua and Hearn. Champions don’t talk or act like that. Only low class freaks like Wilder do.

Wilder is a disgusting, reprehensible, pitiful example of a fake, corrupt, immoral cheese chump. and the more pressure Joshua and Hearn put on Wilder and his team, the more Wilder will expose himself for what he is, a shameful embarrassment on the noble sport of boxing.

The sooner Joshua eliminates this sad sack Wilder, the better the sport will be. But don’t hold your breeath. Al Haymon, Shelly Finkel and Wilder know they have no chance to ever beat Joshua in the ring. And I am fairly certain they play on ducking Joshua for many years to come. Wilder even said this week his plan is to go forward to 51-0.

And believe me, 51-0 means no fight with Joshua.




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