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Floyd Mayweather has been run out of the sport

Nobody wants to ever see Floyd Mayweather box again. The former darling of the sport who bamboozled millions of dollars from millions of fans with a parade of lousy boring sparring sessions still wants to box again to generate more cash flow for his pockets and Showtime’s Steve “Big plans for Floyd” Espinoza would like to televise Floyd’s historic 50th fight (and 50th win) but there is a gigantic problem. Investors and industry insiders KNOW boxing fans are annoyed with Floyd’s tired, fake act and will not pay anymore to watch another boring, choreographed sparring session against another Al Haymon controlled patsy. Thus Floyd and his swarm of accomplices are afraid to take the risk of investing in and staging another Floyd patsy “fight” which is assured to be a devastating disaster. The man who used to call himself “money” is now only able to attract “crickets” at the mention of another “fight” against the likes of Danny Garcia, Victor Ortiz or whichever other handpicked patsy B side (in need of a payday) they opt to hire for the formulaic role of sparring gently and losing to Floyd. With the exciting, sensational performances of Kovalev, Golovkin, King Kong Ortiz Ortiz and Keith Thurman electrifying the sport with fresh energy, the boxing fans of the world have finally awakened to the decade-long scam and there is no longer any interest to see Floyd fight or even speak again. Floyd Mayweather has finally been successfully run out of the sport of boxing. The only viable option at this point to save Floyd’s dead career is to push Floyd to fight either a rematch with Manny Pacquiao or a super showdown with the incredible Middleweight kingpin superstar Gennady Golovkin at 154. But Mayweather has already expressed vehement distaste to engage in either of those extreme risk fights. Thus it looks like Floyd will not get his historic 50th win because nobody cares to see it – let alone pay their hard earned money to buy the rubbish.

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