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Sex Kills: ‘Urbance’ Pilot Available For Public Viewing [Review]

Urbance, Urbance Pilot, Urbance is, Sex

Sex Kills: Urbance Pilot Available For Public Viewing [Review] Urbance is a dystopian animated series, complete with sex, drugs, and violence, against a gritty environment. This show has some stunning animation, coupled with its Japanese anime influences and trip-hop music, comes together to create one trippy ride during the eight-minute Urbance ...

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New Pokemon: Manga & Home Release Announced!!

Pokemon,the movie hoopa, and the clash, clash of ages, official manga adaptation

New Pokemon The Movie Manga & Home Release Announced By Viz Media [Press Release] The Latest POKÉMON Feature Film Set For Release On DVD And Also As An Official Manga Adaptation Next Month  San Francisco, CA, February 26, 2016 – VIZ Media, LLC (VIZ Media), the largest publisher, distributor and ...

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Yoruichi Shihoin Of ‘Bleach’ : A Woman in Charge


Yoruichi Shihoin Of ‘Bleach’ : A Woman in Charge Yoruichi Shihoin is our Woman Crush Wednesday! She is another one of my loves. Talk about a powerful woman! Beautiful and deadly, Yoruichi is a lady that does what feels right to her while never sacrificing her morals. As a prime character ...

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Gangsta Manga Will Soon Resume According To Author Kohske

Gangsta Manga, Kohske, Gangsta, Manga

Gangsta Manga Will Soon Resume According To Author Kohske In November 2015, Month Comic Bunch Announced it was going on Hiatus. Kohske had been hospitalized due to health problems. She took to twitter last week to let fans know that at least the Gangsta manga would soon continue (via Crunchyroll) 手前が道民なもので手元に届くのに時間がかかってしまったんですが ...

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Solanin: Living The Musicial Life [Review]

Solanin Manga: Living The Musicial Life [Review] Written By Writer Who Sits In The Back “You don’t give much thought to growing up. You either accept it, or fight it to the end. I wonder if that’s what determines how a person’s life will turn out.” – Meiko Inoue A ...

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