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Anime Girls: An Ode To Bulma

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There Is No Brawn Without Brain: Anime Girls Ode to Bulma By Lex Luther   Anime Girls…..think of it as our version of Woman Crush Wednesday. But since I took a break yesterday, we’re publishing this today! We highlight various girls/ladies of anime and discuss why we love them. This ...

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A Lesson In How to Moe

moe, lolita, anime, manga

How to Moe Jessica C. Michaels     Moe (pronounced “mo-eh”) is a quality in a person/anthropomorphized being that evokes feelings of protectiveness, adoration and general heart-fuzziness in the viewer/people around them. As annoying (and creepy) as it can be to have people fawning over you for your cuteness – ...

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Top Black And Brown Characters In Japanese Anime PT. 1

Michiko to Hatchin, voicealliegence.com

Anime is a popular genre of film loved by people worldwide. Most Anime films and shows revolve around the strict characterization of Japanese characters, equipped with white skin, and big round eyes. But where is the love for the people of color of Japanese anime? Black and Brown characters do ...

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Valerie Complex Says: Anime Is Life!

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I am one of those nerds (NOT OTAKU) that came out later in life. Growing up, I was not hip to nerd culture, but I thought the things I was into at the time were the norm. Being an anime fan growing up in the Bronx, I was somewhat of ...

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