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Valerie Complex is a freelance writer, and professional nerd. As a lover of Japanese animation, and all things film, she is passionate about diversity across all entertainment mediums.

Cosplay Costumes Highlights: Roxxy Haze

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Cosplay Costumes Highlights: Roxxy Haze Roxxy Haze is from a place called Roxxtopia. She calls it, “A cross between Alice in Wonderland, meets My Little Pony, meets Paramore angst.”  This really means, she’s legally from Houston, Texas! She has been involved in cosplay for three solid years, but decided to ...

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Anime Girls: An Ode To Bulma

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There Is No Brawn Without Brain: Anime Girls Ode to Bulma By Lex Luther   Anime Girls…..think of it as our version of Woman Crush Wednesday. But since I took a break yesterday, we’re publishing this today! We highlight various girls/ladies of anime and discuss why we love them. This ...

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Cosplay Highlight: Kurenaikiba Cosplay


Cosplay Highlight: Kurenaikiba Cosplay Kurenaikiba has been in the Cosplay game since 2010. The native New Yorker has her own ideas and creates her own costumes from scratch. She learned from her mother how to sew, and is now an expert seamtresss.  Now living in Baltimore, she travels the east coast ...

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A Lesson In How to Moe

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How to Moe Jessica C. Michaels     Moe (pronounced “mo-eh”) is a quality in a person/anthropomorphized being that evokes feelings of protectiveness, adoration and general heart-fuzziness in the viewer/people around them. As annoying (and creepy) as it can be to have people fawning over you for your cuteness – ...

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Anime Watch: Ore Monogatari

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Anime Watch: Ore Monogatari By Howard Tyrone Smith II If you’re looking for a great, comical, light hearted anime, watch, Ore Monogatari (My Love Story)! Social Awkwardness and love go together like oil and water. Only in anime could you find a series about these two antithetical forces to create ...

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