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Valerie Complex is a freelance writer, and professional nerd. As a lover of Japanese animation, and all things film, she is passionate about diversity across all entertainment mediums.

6 Types of Cosplay Photographers: Which One Are You?


6 Types of Cosplay Photographers: Which One Are You? Written By TaLynn Kel After attending a few conventions, you realize that con photography is a mixed bag. You are never quite sure who you are working with, the quality of the work, and if you’ll ever see the work. Photographers ...

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Gangsta Manga Will Soon Resume According To Author Kohske

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Gangsta Manga Will Soon Resume According To Author Kohske In November 2015, Month Comic Bunch Announced it was going on Hiatus. Kohske had been hospitalized due to health problems. She took to twitter last week to let fans know that at least the Gangsta manga would soon continue (via Crunchyroll) 手前が道民なもので手元に届くのに時間がかかってしまったんですが ...

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Cosplayer Kelly Danger: Searching For The Next Best Cosplay!

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Cosplayer Kelly Danger:  Searching For The Next Best Cosplay! Cosplay artist Kelly Danger has been involved in the scene since 2009. That’s a long time to build talented and skill, and that Kelly is both. The Nebraska native likes to diversify her cosplay options by gender bending characters, and taking ...

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Solanin: Living The Musicial Life [Review]

Solanin Manga: Living The Musicial Life [Review] Written By Writer Who Sits In The Back “You don’t give much thought to growing up. You either accept it, or fight it to the end. I wonder if that’s what determines how a person’s life will turn out.” – Meiko Inoue A ...

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Interview with Cosplay New Comer Ashe Cosplay


Interview with Cosplayer New Comer Ashe Cosplay The Atlanta, GA native has only been cosplaying less than a year, but you wouldn’t notice. Its obvious ahe takes pride her in cosplay. There is no time limit on what it takes to progress in this hobby. Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul and ...

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