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Valerie Complex

Valerie Complex is a freelance writer, and professional nerd. As a lover of Japanese animation, and all things film, she is passionate about diversity across all entertainment mediums.

Top Black And Brown Characters In Japanese Anime PT. 1

Michiko to Hatchin, voicealliegence.com

Anime is a popular genre of film loved by people worldwide. Most Anime films and shows revolve around the strict characterization of Japanese characters, equipped with white skin, and big round eyes. But where is the love for the people of color of Japanese anime? Black and Brown characters do ...

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New Ghost In The Shell Movie Trailer Released

(c) Funimation, Production I.G., Trailer

“New Ghost In The Shell Movie Trailer” Major Motokusangi is back and ready to tear up the screen with the new Ghost In the Shell (GitS) anime film. Production I.G. has designed a gorgeous film, and brought back some familiar faces.  The film seems to be based on the newest Ghost ...

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Rude! Youtube “Star” Engages In Fatshaming Cosplayers

fat cosplay

Youtuber Onision, thrives on being dudebro.  Since he isn’t naturally funny, his brand of humor makes sure to insult everyone he can. I don’t pay attention to him, or his Youtube channel. However, his video “Fat Cosplay” showed up in one of the anime groups I frequent.  I stupidly decided ...

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New Game Play: eigoMANGA’s Vanguard Princess

Vanguard Princess

“Vanguard Princess Brings New Game Play To PC” Are you ready for some kick ass game play?! eigoMANGA has released a DLC (downloadable content) for the game ‘Vanguard Princess. This is a 2D fighting game for PC that features an all-female cast each with their own unique fighting style. Players can ...

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Valerie Complex Says: Anime Is Life!

(C) Quotes Fans

I am one of those nerds (NOT OTAKU) that came out later in life. Growing up, I was not hip to nerd culture, but I thought the things I was into at the time were the norm. Being an anime fan growing up in the Bronx, I was somewhat of ...

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Rosario + Vampire Season 2 Available Box Set On Sale November 3rd!

(c) Viz Media
Rosario + Vampire

The complete bestselling ROSARIO+VAMPIRE and ROSARIO+VAMPIRE SEASON II series are now available in a value-priced box set via Viz Media. The box set includes 24 volumes of monstrous action, horror, fun and romance, plus an exclusive full-color mini-comic previously unreleased in the English editions. In the series, average human teenage boy Tsukune ...

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