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A Conversation with Cosplayer Kit Quinn

A Conversation with Cosplayer Kit Quinn

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How long have you been cosplaying for?

Kit Quinn: I started back in 2007. I had some friends going to Comic-Con  every year and that year I was finally able to join them. So we suited up, road tripped down with one of our friend’s mom driving us in the minivan and had a grand old time (laughs).

What got you interested in cosplaying?

Kit Quinn: I was a theater kid in high school and I loved all nerdy things, all things nerdy. So it just kind of made sense once I was aware of Comic Con. No one in my family is nerdy, I had no idea these things existed. Then a friend told me about Comic Con and how she had been going and I thought that sounds awesome. You get to dress up, run around with cartoon creators and comic creators. We went and I learned all about this crazy world I had no idea existed in high school.

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Do you have a top 3 favorite cosplays that you like to dress up as?

Kit Quinn: Wonder Woman is my number one. I love my armor made by Solo Roboto Industries. He molded me and put this cast on me and all that sort of stuff so we love that one. Supermam is another one that I love. It is comfortable, it is my own hair it is just great. Then probably a Harley Quinn. Pick a Harley, any Harley. All of the Harley’s.

Is there a cosplay that you don’t like to do or one that is kind of a pain for you to do?

Kit Quinn: Doctor Mrs the Monarch has become my crucible. I love that costume of that character but after seven years of wearing it I just eh. All the vinyl, the boots the gloves and the tape. It is a labor of love that one, a real labor of love. That one hurts (laughs).

How many cons do you go to a year usually?

Kit Quinn: Somewhere a little shy of about a dozen I’d say. LA is cheating though because they have a con like every other month. So it is pretty easy to go to a whole bunch.

kit quinn
(c) Kit Quinn

Have you ever had a chance to meet anyone you look up to at a con?

Kit Quinn: Paul Dini was probably one of my favorite first meetings of somebody that I loved their work. I met him randomly on the floor at Comic-Con. I was wearing my Harley Quinn costume, we had just gotten there and I was talking to someone else saying I sure would like to meet Paul Dini or Bruce Timm or any of them because everyone loves Batman: The Animated Series. Then all of a sudden there is Paul Dini walking up to me to ask me about my costume and I about fainted. It was just so cool, he was so sweet and his wife was so kind. It was probably one of my favorite moments, especially in my early cosplay years.

What other conventions are you planning on attending this year?

Kit Quinn: The next big one that I cannot wait for is Emerald City Comic Con. That will be up in Seattle and that is where we will be the caped crusaders and sort of the mascots for the Con. We haven’t been up there for a couple years so it will be fun to go back. I would normally say DragonCon but my cousins decided to get married that weekend so no DragonCon for me. So Comikaze will be my big one for the fall that I can’t wait for.

What would be some advice you would give to those wanting to get into cosplaying?

Kit Quinn: Don’t worry about making a crappy costume. Every single one of us made a crappy costume at the start. I think there is so much pressure on people nowadays to have a phenomenal costume right off the bat. For some reason, people feel that pressure, I don’t really get it but I also kind of do. We all wanna not be teased, we all want to fit in. I say don’t worry about it. Just jump in there, but stuff, go through stuff and improve as you go. That is how we all started. Be one of us (laughs).

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