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A Chat with Cosplayer Enasni Volz

A Chat with Cosplayer Enasni Volz

enasni volz
(c) Enasni Volz

A new comic convention came to San Jose called Silicon Valley Comic Con on March 18-20 and drew in huge numbers. It was an opportunity for people of all ages to come dressed as their favorite characters from comics, TV shows, video games and more. At this inaugural event there were a few men and women in cosplay who had their own tables. Jay Snook was able to meet Enasni Volz and ask her some questions.

What go you interested in cosplay?

Enasni Volz: Halloween to be honest. When I was a kid Halloween was my hands down favorite holiday. When I was a senior in High School my friend was going to an Anime convention and they needed a ride. I was the only one who had a car so I offered to drive them there. The got me a badge as a sort of compensation for driving. I walk inside and there is everyone in costume. So I am looking around and saying wait a second, wait a second. People can wear costumes to these things?!? And it’s not Halloween? This is a thing? And my friend was like yeah it really is. So the next year we came back and I made a terrible costume of Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. It was just the greatest thing. I think seeing everyone in costume, just having fun and realizing it wasn’t just professionals who did it but could be anybody who picked up a costume, bought a costume or made a costume. It lit a spark, I was just sold. I was like this is what I want to do with my free time.

What was it like making that transition to having a table at a convention?

Enasni Volz: It is a change for sure. I am used to wandering around with my friends spending all of my money on things I probably don’t need (laughs) but you know the kid in me needs them. It is fun because people come up to me and I get to see and interact with more people which is different than just walking around as a cosplayer. People are also really, really nice when you are at a booth. Not to say that they aren’t nice regularly but at a booth they are so polite and kind and don’t want to impose. I am like you are not imposing at all, I am happy to be here taking pictures with you.

enasni volz
(c) Enasni Volz

Where do you get your ideas or motivation for your costumes?

Enasni Volz: It is usually a love at first sight thing. With Harley Quinn that was a given because as a little girl watching the animated series I fell in love with her. I was addicted to Harley Quinn as a kid like she was my character. Then when I started making costumes I made her costume and more of her costumes. It is like I see the character and it just clicks in my head. I really like that design and the characterization like how the character acts. So if those two kind of go hand in hand then I will make the costume. Yet if I just like the design I don’t tend to jump on it, I may save it in a folder for later to take a closer look at the character at a later time and see if the character grows on me. With Moxie I played the game, loved the character so I was like done. We are doing that costume. It is usually just an instantaneous thing in the head like I can make that, I’m gonna do it.

Do you make all of your costumes yourself?

Enasni Volz: I do. I make pretty much everything (laughs). I get some help with props from my boyfriend because he is great with props and I am good with sewing, it is kind of our trade off.

enasni volz
(c) Enasni Volz

Has there ever been a costume that ended up being too much work or was too much of a pain to finish?

Enasni Volz: That happens with a lot of costumes. There are times where you need to kind of step away and take a break if you are having a problem. That happens a lot. Recently I have been getting into making armor and that is a frustrating and whole new field. A costume I did recently was Mellka from BattleBorn I had to have some help from friends. There were moments when I was like I don’t know if I have the skills to complete this. It was a frustrating moment where you kind of have to set the costume down. Take a breather, maybe walk away for a couple days and come back to it with a fresh mind. With a fresh start and a clear mind usually things will clear up for you. You can also look online for tutorials and videos that will just iron it out for you.

What do you think of the look of Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad?

Enasni Volz: I absolutely 100% despise it (laughs). Like at the core of my being I despise it but that is because I don’t like new 52 Harley Quinn, I just don’t. I understand where the inspiration came from, Debbie Harry which is fantastic but I don’t think the outfit is Harley at all. I am a classic girl all the way. Harley can dress sexy, she has in the past and she has worn casual outfits in the past. But the outfit she is wearing in Suicide Squad is just off in the smallest way. I love parts of it like the little J zipper pole and the jokers girl pudding collar. There are great touches but it just feels a little too forced, a little too try hard and a little too Hot Topic (laughs). But it should be an interesting movie at least.

enasni volz
(C) Cos Couture

What will be the next convention you will be attending?

Enasni Volz: I will be attending WonderCon next.

What would be some advice you would give to those wanting to get into cosplaying?

Enasni Volz: Be patient. Google is your friend. Google is absolutely your friend. Be sure to research anything. There are Facebook groups or forums where people are more than happy to answer your questions. Ask them anything and there are probably tutorials or thread builds and video tutorials. The internet is your resource and people are there to help you. If one person isn’t kind to you about it don’t sweat it, there are bad eggs in every bunch. Just seek out someone else to help you. Also google, cannot stress that enough (laughs).

You can check out more of her cool cosplays on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.





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