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Interview with Cosplayer and Seamstress Bellechere!

Interview with Cosplayer and Seamstress Bellechere!

Bellechere had a table at Silicon Valley Comic Con and Jay Snook was able to ask her a few questions

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Silicon Valley Comic Con was in San Jose this last weekend, and it was full of people in cosplay. From movies, TV shows, video games and more they were as far as the eye could see. Some of these cosplayers had their own table and our own Jay Snook was able to interview Bellechere and ask her a few questions.

So how long have you been a cosplayer?
Bellechere: For over a decade.

What originally got you interested in cosplay?
Bellechere: I wanted to be Rogue for Halloween from the X-Men, and over a decade ago you couldn’t really buy costumes on Ebay like you can now. So I learned how to make my own bodysuit and just kind of fell down the rabbit hole from there.

What was it that made you want to make the leap into professional cosplay?
Bellechere: Oh gosh, I have such a problem with that term. Because professional means you make all of your money from that. It just kind of happened. I make costumes for commission and I work in theater primarily. So I don’t know, it just kind of happened.

What are your top three favorite cosplays?
Bellechere: Oh man, that is such a hard question to answer because they are all my favorite. Every character that I make is a character that I really, really connect with. I read the comics, I play the video games, and I watch the movies. They are all characters that mean something to me. I would say other people’s favorite costumes I have done is Ivy Valentine which is very popular. My Lady Death is another very popular cosplay and a few others. If I look at my costumes I will just name them all (laughs).

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What is your least favorite cosplay? And what has been the hardest cosplay for you?
Bellechere: My least favorite cosplay would be when I did Phoenix from the X-Men. I just didn’t really feel it. A boyfriend wanted me to do so I kind of did it for him. I didn’t feel comfortable in it, it just wasn’t me.  The hardest cosplay is Diva Plavalaguna from The Fifth Element. It took a lot of time and I tried to be accurate to the movie and tried to be seven feet tall. It was hard to get around in it but I loved doing it.

Do you prefer to make your costumes yourself or have someone make them for you?
Bellechere: I got nothing against people going to other people because that is how I make my living but I make all of my costumes myself, 100%.


How many Cons do you usually attend each year?
Bellechere: As a guest probably 20. I also like to go to some conventions on my own as well. Like DragonCon, that is my favorite convention. I like to pay my way for my favorites.

Have you had a chance to meet any cosplayers or celebrities that you personally look up to?
Bellechere: Oh sure. Last year I got to meet Nichelle Nichols. I was very fortunate to get to meet her in a very casual setting. It was in the hotel bar and she just talked my ear off. She is just the sweetest women, so inspiring. I have met so many people over the years that it is hard to list a favorite. It is hard to say cosplayers I look up to because there are just so many. A lot of my friends also cosplay. I really love Knight-Mage, not just because of his costuming but because he is awesome. He does a lot for charity. He is a really, really outspoken to being positive towards all people and is really encouraging for everyone in cosplay.

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What is some advice or suggestions you would give to someone who wants to get into cosplaying?
Bellechere: Have fun. Stay hydrated. Be sure to break in your shoes. Alcohol is not hydration (laughs). Again just have fun. That is really what it is all supposed to be about. If you like competitions then make sure you practice before you compete but overall just really have fun.

Are there any final words you would like to say?
Bellechere: You can find me online, on Facebook and Instagram and all of that good stuff. Just type in Bellechere on the internet search and you can find me. I love to make costumes for other people so if you would like a costume made fell free to email me.

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