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Con-Funk and Bad Hygiene: Preparing Yourself To Stop The Smell

Con-Funk and Bad Hygiene: Prepare Yourself To Stop The Smell

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The year has begun, and cons are in full swing. But I am going to address the elefunk in the room: CON-FUNK! Maybe this is a little rude. But I’m not trying to be because I genuinely want to help. Look, I don’t like telling people how to live their life. If you don’t like to wash on a regular basis, or at all, thats your business. If you choose not to wear deodorant ever, your prerogative. Sometimes you put on deodorant, and that costume is hot and you sweat through it. But coming to a convention, which has probably 15k attendees or more, and we’re all breathing the same air, please help us all out by being prepared!

Some places and spaces in convention spaces are small. When you’re body odor engulfs the whole room, it makes concentration difficult and incites paranoia. Let me explain: concentration is hard because people are trying to pinpoint the source of the smell. Then your con-funk makes others paranoid as they secretly accuse one another of being the source of the smell!

How can you and I work together to combat the con-funk issue? You can’t eliminate everyone from smelling as thats what we as humans do, smell.  But there are ways to prepare. I know some just don’t care, but dammit I’m going to try anyway. For the people who just don’t know how:

  • Awareness: If you smell, you have to know you smell (unless your nose is stuffy). Don’t be selfish and pretend the smell doesn’t exist.
  • Prepare: Most cosplayers have a ‘fix it kit’ if something pops or breaks on their cosplay.  Drop some travel sized deodorant or febreeze if you can.
  • don't smell, deodorant, smell, of the smell
  • Buying the right deodorant for your body type. If you have a strong odor, seek a deodorant with an antiperspirant level of 15 or more.
  • Wingman: If you’re comfortable tell your wingman: “if my odor is out of line,  it is ok to let me know!”
  • Wash or dry clean your cosplay.

I am willing give the benefit of the doubt for those who may not have the means to take care of themselves. However, if you are at a con, in cosplay, I assume you have enough resources to pull together the basics to maintain decent body hygiene.


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