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6 Types of Cosplay Photographers: Which One Are You?

6 Types of Cosplay Photographers: Which One Are You?

Written By TaLynn Kel

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After attending a few conventions, you realize that con photography is a mixed bag. You are never quite sure who you are working with, the quality of the work, and if you’ll ever see the work. Photographers are at the con for a variety of reasons – to celebrate fandom, to build business, or to build their portfolios and gain exposure. In order to know the type of photographer you’re dealing with, you’ll actually have to get to know them some, but here are a few types you may encounter. This list is by no means exhaustive…I don’t talk to everyone with a camera. If you know of other types of photographers, let me know.

To the list!

Cosplay Photographers Type 1 – The Fan

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The Fan is a photographer is in love with the fandom. They love that people dress up and come out. They take pictures of EVERYONE and seems to genuinely appreciate the work people put into their costumes. I LOVE these photographers. I rarely find the pictures, but I LOVE their energy.


Cosplay Photographers Type 2 – The Amateur

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The Amateur is someone who is really interested in photography but lacks experience and expertise. They will line you up for shot after shot after shot and every picture will kind of suck. That’s not saying a good picture isn’t possible. It’s just not likely.


Cosplay Photographers Type 3 – The Aspiring Professional

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The Aspiring Professional photographer thinks they are hot shit. They will treat you like the Amateur but won’t release any photos to you until they do months of after work that looks like it took minutes. Especially bold photographers will try to charge you a fee to get high-resolution copies of your image because it’s their “art.” You may be able to recognize them because they’ll look kinda hipster-ish. If they are from the south, they’ll look like a cowboy hipster. Avoid! Avoid! Avoid!  Unless you like that kinda thing. I doubt you do.

Cosplay Photographers Type 4– The Sneaky Leech 
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The Sneaky Leech is a photographer who is part sneak and part leech. They won’t ask you for a picture and will, instead, lurk around you taking pictures without your permission.

Or they will openly leer at you and take pictures of your crotch and chest and your probably won’t notice. And if you do it will make you want to shower.

You may not be able to stop them, but you can confront them – especially if they are trying to take inappropriate pictures, like up skirts. If you see them do that, run tell dat. Run tell EVERYONE. That person is a creep. When you encounter one of these, warn all your friends and tell them to warn their friends. Warn everyone.

Cosplay Photographers Type 5 – The Opportunist

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The Opportunist is the photographer who will run up and snap some pictures when they see you posing for someone else.  They don’t acknowledge you, and usually fade into the crow after they got what they came for. They sound like some dates I’ve had.

Cosplay Photographers Type 6 –The Fan Professional

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The Fan Professional is the photographer who knows and loves your character. They will have ideas on poses and want you to BE the character in their photo. These are some of the most fun photographers to work with and they will often do some after-work, like adding effects and backgrounds to really emphasize the cosplay.

That wraps up this list of cosplay photographers. If you want to see a more complete and comprehensive list please visit my WEBSITE

Also, if you know a type of photographer that is not on this list let me know so I can add more!

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