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Disney’s ‘Zootopia’ See the Sprawling Metropolis in the Final Trailer

Disney’s ‘Zootopia’: See the Sprawling Metropolis in the Final Trailer

Zootopia, Disney, Animate, Trailer
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Zootopia, a new animated film by Disney Pixar slated to be released on March 4th, 2016, shows viewers a world where humans never existed. Since the airing of the first teaser for Zootopia, the buzz around this movie has been very good. The film will star an eclectic list of creatures and characters from all walks of life – from the biggest to the smallest imaginable. The final trailer has been released online and here is what we know from it.

Zootopia, Disney, Animate, Trailer
(c) Disney

In the mammal metropolis of Zootopia, Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin), a bunny, is enlisted into the police department. It is the first time they have ever had a bunny on their team, and she doesn’t really fit in. She is smaller than all the other animals on the force, but has a strong spirit and has a chance to prove herself when an otter goes missing. In an odd series of events, she ends up forming an unlikely partnership with con artist Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman), a witness to the crime.

As the case develops, the team makes a startling discovery: a savage outbreak is set to be unleashed upon Zootopia that could put everyone in this huge city in grave danger. With time running out, will they be able to find the missing otter and figure out some way to stop this outbreak before it is too late?

Zootopia, Disney, Animate, Trailer
(c) Disney

With such a gigantic cast of characters, of all temperaments and motivations, Zootopia will definitely be a film to see and enjoy with the whole family. There are the good guys: some peculiar characters and those there to make you laugh when things get too serious; And, of course, a super-villain, one that is dangerous and will go to extremes to get what they want.

This is the trailer that fans of the teasers have been dying to see. It is the first time that they not only get to see the entire city in all of its beautiful splendor, but it is a chance to finally learn what this movie really is about. You get to witness all of the wonderful characters that will make you smile and others that will make you laugh until it hurts.

This writer is one fan cannot wait to see this movie because it is sure to be the next big family film!

Check out the visually stimulating trailer below:

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