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Gangsta Manga Will Soon Resume According To Author Kohske

Gangsta Manga Will Soon Resume According To Author Kohske

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In November 2015, Month Comic Bunch Announced it was going on Hiatus. Kohske had been hospitalized due to health problems. She took to twitter last week to let fans know that at least the Gangsta manga would soon continue (via Crunchyroll)

This may not make much sense in English, but here is the tweet translated from Japanese to English:

Front have gone takes time to arrive at hand in what residents but Thank you for your readers who gave me a New Year’s card ! We also enough please thank you for your favor this year , so we work hard towards the lovely illustrations and messages of support all lick you like Haidoku is not Rerorero now series resumes I will

I think many Gangsta manga and anime  fans were under the impression that the manga stopped along with the anime series due to financial issues. I had no idea Kohske, Gangsta’s author and artist, was ill.

I’m sure many fans are happy to hear she has gotten better, and the Gangsta manga isn’t canceled indefinitely. Especially because the manga series ended on such a cliff-hanger, and hasn’t been updated since September (correct me if I’m wrong)

No word on the exact date of when issue 40 will release


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