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Interview With Cosplay Artist Kali Neko

Interview With Cosplay Artist Kali Neko

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Kali Neko Cosplay has been in the Cosplay game for 4 years. She made her first costume on Halloween 2011, and has been unstoppable every since. The Chicago native frequently cosplays as Blair the Cat (Soul Eater), Ruby Rose (RWBY), Catwoman and more. She took a moment from her busy schedule to chat with us about the Cosplay community and her next con outing.
Who or what inspired you to cosplay?
I found myself bored one summer while on summer break from school, and I started looking up tutorials for t-shirt reconstructions. Knowing there was an unopened sewing machine in my house, I found it, and started doing little alterations, and repurposing old clothes. I posted most of my projects online and my friends in college from the anime club suggested I make cosplays. From there, the rest is history.
Cosplay, Cosplay Artist, Interview 
What do you do when you aren’t cosplaying?
I’m a full time sourcing coordinator for an RPO company. Boring stuff aside, I do the same general stuff as any nerd: hang out with friends, watch anime and other stuff, gather reference upon reference for future cosplay, etc.
Cosplay, Cosplay Artist, Interview
Which character is your favorite to cosplay?
Blair the Cat hands down. She’s my favorite character period.
What costumes have provided the biggest challenge and rewards so far and why?
Each new cosplay I make has its own rewarding feeling. Completion is an awesome feeling, but I’d have to say that my Ruby cosplay was the toughest. The costume itself was simple to make, but the prop is a different story. It took about a month to put together the Cresent Rose. It came out much better than I thought with my (still) limited knowledge on propmaking.
What do you think of the state of anime fandom right now? How do you think it can be better?
The community definitely has its ups and downs. Some people are actively forgetting that this is supposed to be fun for anyone regardless of their looks or knowledge of their particular fandom. And that while we are a separate community from the mainstream, we aren’t separated from reality and society as a whole. Understand that dressing as your favorite character does not mean you’re exempt from social impact. Fortunately, I surround myself with those that know this understanding and take accountability for their actions. With a good group of people, it’s much easier to enjoy my hobbies.
Cosplay, Cosplay Artist, Interview
What is the best advice you would give someone new to cosplaying?  
Remember, this is a HOBBY, not a profession. Sure, some make it their profession, but by no means do you need to force yourself to live by their standards. The point is for YOU to have fun. You don’t need to over exert yourself past your current skills and budget. As you grow as a cosplayer, so will your skills. Do what makes you happy and satisfied instead of worrying how popular or recognizable your character is. It feels nice to get compliments from others, but that’s a perk, not a goal.
Do you get to travel the country to different conventions? Where can fans expect to see you next?
I am currently only attending cons in my area. However, I am branching out in 2016. Dragon Con and Colossal Con are on my itinerary. In the very near future I’ll be at Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2) and Anime Central. If you see me, don’t be afraid to say hello!

For updates on Kali Neko Cosplay, please check her out on social media by liking her Facebook page and following her on Instagram

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