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Cannon Busters: The Japanese Animated Series From The Mind of Aritst LeSean Thomas

Cannon Busters: The New Japanese Animated Series From The Mind of LeSean Thomas

Written By Jonathan Watson

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I was genuinely shocked to see so much of you enjoyed the piece I wrote on new manga series Tephlon Funk! Last month. It tells me that many of you actually DO want to see content created by people of color succeed and want to know what black creators are up to. With that said, today’s mission is to tell you about a new anime coming soon called, Cannon Busters. There are so many different reasons why Cannon Busters is one of the few, most important shows to hopefully be coming to TV soon. That reason is representation! With the success of animated series  Mitchiko and Hatchin,  and the anticipated Tephlon Funk! (both shows which featured several brown characters), it is important to continue to have shows with good quality content and diverse representation in Japanese animation.

According to the official website of the show, Cannon Buster is described as being a mixture of The Wizard of Oz, Hidden Fortress, and Escaflowne, with some elements of Hip Hop and classic RPGs mixed in for good measure. But please, if you want an in depth look and feel of the show, check out this video from creator LeSean Thomas that explains the journey of how Cannon Busters came to life.

LeSean Thomas is best known for working on shows such as The Boondocks, Black Dynamite, and Avatar: The Last Airbender. He created the show based on a comic he created back in 2005. Cannon Busters also boasts the unique talents of Joe Madureira, (Battle Chasers) Thomas Romaine (Space Dandy) and Producer, Tim Yoon. (The Legend of Korra)

As of right now, the pilot for the show looks to be in production, but they are still taking backers through Kickstarter. I urge you guys to check this project out. It looks like it definitely be a game changer for the genre,  and looks to create many fans along the way. As always, below is a list of links pertaining to this project. Take a look and see if this appeals to you guys!


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