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Dear Black Male Japanese Anime Fans Part 2: #NotAllBlackMen

Dear Black Male Japanese Anime Fans Part 2: #NotAllBlackMen

Written By Howard T. Smith II

First, let me start by thanking thanking the tens of thousands of you for viewing my previous article. It really does feel good to know that many people have read my work. That being said, SOME of you have gotten a bit in your feelings about my article and I’d like to take this time out to address it.

I get it, not ALL black male Japanese anime fans are dirtbags and a lot of you are good men. You can continue to be good men by admitting that some men suck, and that its time to find ways to fix the problem of disrespectful men in the fandom. If you see women getting harassed at cons, do something about it. If you see other nerds being misogynistic towards black women, call them out. It’s not hard.

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I don’t think all black male nerds are inherently evil, but I do feel that some tend to be too passive with the amount of misogynoir that goes on in nerd spaces. Then  when one guy points out the issues, it causes an unnecessary uproar. I’m aware that anti-blackness can be perpetrated by black nerd girls as well as black men. I’ve met my fair share of black women who bad mouth black men in the fandom. But rather than point fingers and go on and on about “see? They do it too!” let’s ask: who taught us to be content with this? 

I’d also like to take this time to call out those amongst you I’ve seen say that this was just a ploy to get sex. To those people I just shake my head. It’s clear anime, TV, movies with the trope of the sensitive guy who gets girls by telling them what they want to hear is somehow true to you. Truth is, the only reason you constantly see the classic anime trope of the manipulative douche who gets all the girls both in anime and in real life is because the toxic elements of masculinity that we’ve accepted as regular masculinity. This is built off dominating and manipulating women. Light Yagami is a prime example of this, mayu shinjos work is filled with with men like this.

If you truly do see a man calling out the blatant mistreatment of black women in nerd spaces as a gross generalization of black male nerds, please stop for a second, look around and maybe notice when your fellow man is being an asshole. Some of us aren’t all great men. Some of us are fucking up.

For people that have just been plain hateful, you are a sad, sad human being in that you view everything a man does for a woman through the lens of getting sex. You’ve limited your outlook on women to such a narrow view that I’m not shocked. I’ve met so many women who are frustrated with men to where they just don’t deal with us any further. I write about this sort of stuff because I believe it needs to be brought up. Trust, if this was only about trying to spit game for sex, I wouldn’t have said anything. And please, just because you haven’t seen this happening around you, doesn’t mean their concerns or harassment isn’t real. 

For the good men, keep watch and be an ally to the women of our community. For the rest of you, I have four words: grow the fuck up.

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