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5 Kpop and Jpop Songs That Will Put You In A Good Mood

5 Kpop and Jpop Songs That Will Put You In A Good Mood

Written By GarserTheClown

We’ve all had days in which nothing is going right and it may be hard to get excited. Well here are six Kpop/Jpop songs that I recommend listening to put you in a good mood.  These songs are primarily Japanese and Korean.

SISTAR – Loving You

One of SISTAR’s summer hits is about a song of loving in the summertime. The mellow beat, Dasom, Soyu and Hyolyn’s soft vocals as well as Bora’s charming rap delivers us a soft and cute song that will bring a smile to your face. Also the song is also better while watching the music video.


Wonder Girls – Stop

This upbeat pop song is not really happy nor sad but it has this ability to brighten my mood. There’s just something about the melody that just gets me grooving. It could also be that this is my favorite Wonder Girls song from these perfect five ladies.


Bivattchee – Taiyou No Mannaka He

This song was used as the third opening to the anime Eureka 7. The song is about roller coaster of emotions we get through on a daily basis, but you don’t let that get you down. You are carefree and begin to look towards the sky and are happy with who you are. The drums and the guitar are so good. It is a rocking song that will have you banging your head to in no time.


HA:TFELT – Wherever Together

Wherever Together is a very cute song. It’s about noticing the strange yet butterfly feeling when you meet someone who can relate to. There isn’t much singing nor lyrics to the song but the EDM and Pop track makes up for that with its light and storied pattern. Guaranteed to make you smile.


Jun HyoSung – Good Night Kiss

Hyosung’s hit single Good Night Kiss is not only a favorite of mine from 2014, but whenever I listen to this song I jump up and start dancing. The lyrics are cute and are about being affectionate with the one you love. I promise you that you will be dancing in no time with this banger from the beautiful Hyosung.


I hope you enjoy these tracks as much as I do. I always get a good smile and have those good mood vibes after listening to them.  I recommend checking out each artist. They all make such great music!

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