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Digimon Adventure Tri Review: Episodes 1-4

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Digimon Adventure Tri Review: Episodes 1-4

An exciting mix of the modern with a bit of nostalgia

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Before I begin the review I think it is important to give Digimon a little bit of context. In the late 1990’s, there were a lot of children Japanese animated shows that graced the TV screen such as Pokemon, Monster Ranchers, and Digimon. No one can deny the huge success Pokemon had and continues to have considering the anime is still ongoing. Most folks considered Digimon to be a copy of Pokemon because little monsters exist in both series. In reality, both series are completely different. In Digimon there are 8 children that were main characters and when they entered the digital world they were each granted a Digimon partner. This new alliance happened so that they could survive in their new hostile environment. The Digimon were able to speak, reason, and had intellectual curiosity that enabled them to bond with their human partners. What is ultimately fascinating about Digimon is that as children fans found someone in the cast they maybe  could relate to amongst them. These children were all individuals and had their own personal issues to deal with in regards to their families and friends throughout the series, which made it compelling for us as we followed their journey.

The series resonated a lot with me because I was able to see myself in at least of one the children. Digimon never once looked down on its audience, and, while there are so many themes prevalent in the series,  I think the most important theme is that no matter how old you are it is never too late to accomplish your dreams. But if your dreams change,  that is ok too.

Digimon, Digimon Tri, Episodes, anime, movie, Review, Digimon Aventure Tri
©Digimon Tri

The big question is what did I think of Digimon Adventure Tri? The feels were quite strong for me during these initial 4 episodes. It is clear that these episodes were made by and for Digimon fans of the original first two seasons. I think it is important to have seen the original prior to watching these new episodes because the relationships of the original 8 children are already established. Watching the original is where you get to see the relationship between the group manifest. There are also certain plot continuities that happen that have been carried over from the original Digimon. I highly suggest new viewers check out the original first two seasons.

The show starts off with a narrator that gradually transition to ominous images that suggest something horrible happened to characters from season 2 however, after that the audience gets a slow introduction of everyone from the original 8 children and what their lives are like now that they are older. We begin to see portals sporadically appearing throughout the city, which has allowed Digimon like Kuwagamon to appear and create havoc. Why are there portals appearing randomly? What happened to the Season 2 characters? Why are these new villains after the new Digi-destined named Meiko Mochizuki and her digimon Meicoomon?

It was heart-warming to see the characters we have grown to love still have the same core personalities, but at the same time it is clear they have also matured.  This is reflected in Taichi who was always considered the main leader of the group. Now that he is older, he understands more of the damage that is caused from the Digimon battles in the real world. Its not that I do not think he understood the gravity of dangerous situations he found himself in when he was a child, but now that he is older Taichi is able to think twice now about how his actions can cause a lot of destruction. This causes obvious tension between him and his second in commend Yamato who wants to see the fearless leader he always knew as a kid. I’m interested to see how this dilemma will affect the rest of the team moving forward and how they will come together again despite their differences. It is good to see that the events in the first two seasons did not go unnoticed by the government and as a result they have been keeping an eye on the children’s activities. I’m interested to see how the government involvement with the children will affect how they will operate with both the Digimon and the digital world.

I personally believe the government agents dealing with the children have not been completely honest with them about their intention and how they will keep the world safe. Episodes 1-4 ends on a cliffhanger and leaves the audience to wonder what is going to happen to the team dynamics of our favorite group of kids? Is the government eventually going to become one of the main antagonists?

Originally Digimon Aventure Tri was going to have a TV release, but after realizing the huge amount of money that can be gained because of nostalgia the series is set to have 6 movie releases each containing about 4 episodes. The next 4 episodes are set to be released in theatres March 2016, so all the burning questions we have are going to have to wait until the next group of episodes come out. Either way its great to have the original cast of Digimon back on our screens and I’m excited to see how I will resonate differently with the show now that I am older.

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