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Are You Ready For The Final Fantasy VII Remake?!

Are You Ready For The Final Fantasy VII Remake?!

Written By Ni Kara Fury

Ever since Sony announced the Final Fantasy VII Remake at the E3 Convention in 2015, it has been one of the gaming world’s most anticipated game releases. Final Fantasy VII is easily said to be the most popular Final Fantasy game of the series. The original FF VII was out on the original PlayStation platform so the graphics are definitely going to need some work. Now since high graphics are now a big part of the gaming experience, I wonder how they plan to tackle that issue. I hope to finally I get EPIC the GRAPHICS & an EPIC STORYLINE I want! Graphics in gaming have improved so much since the original release we can only expect they will be infinitely better this time around.

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On December 5th at the PlayStation Experience 2015, Square Enix made an announcement that was a game changer for me. Final Fantasy VII Remake will be developed on the Unreal Engine 4 which is a complete collection of game development and has superior graphics. Because of that, the Final Fantasy VII Remake will be released in Episodes!!!!!!! They didn’t want to risk trading the graphics for content or vise versa. Now I am even more thrilled that this will be the Final Fantasy VII remake that WE ALL HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!!!!!

The teaser trailer are already up and it looks amazing. I mean did you see Cloud’s hair?! Originally FFVII was thought to be finished in winter of 2015, there is still no set release date. I think a 2016 release would be very ambitious especially considering how much longer RPG’s of that day were. I am hoping that with it being released in episodes will speed up the release of the first installment.

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