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Mahou Shoujo Corner: A Look Back At Vintage Anime “Creamy Mami”

The Musical Mahou Shoujo: Maho no Tenshi Creamy Mami

(Creamy Mami, the Magical Angel)

Mahou Shoujo, Anime, Idol, Manga, singer
©Creamy Mami


Hello again, Cami here bringing you another week of Mahou shoujo goodness! I wonder…do you like music? Maybe even…budding J-pop singers? Enjoy those theme songs that go to your favorite series? I know I do. I bet you do too! Let me introduce Japanese pop star  Creamy Mami!

Mahou Shoujo, Anime, Idol, Manga, singer
©Creamy Mami

Creamy Mami was produced by Studio Pierrot and ran on Nippon TV from 1983-84. Even after that there were 5 OVA adaptations and 3 volume manga that was published simultaneously during its’ TV run. With the success of Creamy Mami, Studio Pierrot would go on to produce 4 more mahou shoujo series. You can currently watch this series on Anime Sols, which has been successful in crowdfunding Creamy Mami to be released in a DVD boxset!

The story begins with Yu Morisawa, a regular 10 year old girl who one day sees a spaceship, which naturally leads to her being abducted.  Once aboard, the alien Pino Pino asks for her assistance in finding the Feather Star. With Yu’s assistance, they find it and he rewards her with a wand that gives her the ability to transform into a 16 year old girl for the duration of one year. Joined by Posi and Nega, two cats from Feather Star who become her guardians, Yu returns to Earth. Once back, she wanders into a shoot and is asked to sing, and discovers the magic also gives her a beautiful singing voice. She turns into an overnight sensation under the alias Creamy Mami. But the magic from Feather Star attracts other aliens she has to watch out for and defeat, as well as dealing with scummy record producers and musical rivals!

Mahou Shoujo, Anime, Idol, Manga, singer
©Creamy Mami

Yu has to pull double duty, as her powers bring her a whole new career as well as the added task of fighting aliens. She has the stress of managing performances, singing, hiding her identity, and fighting. She’s the jack of all trades!

This anime was the first to use its’ platform as a way to boost an actual japanese singer’s career. It was called media mixing, and allowed studios to use several platforms to help singers win more fans. Takako Ohta sang the opening theme and was Yu’s seiyuu. In addition to singing parts for Creamy Mami, which were her first hit songs. Her career, like Mami’s rose overnight! The success of this method was repeated with many other anime series, giving rise to many well known idols!

Creamy Mami is a fun series with great music, and I definitely suggest giving it a go, if only to round out your music collection!


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