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Adia Sunday Comics And The Revival Of The Comic Strip

Adia Sunday Comics And The Revival Of The Comic Strip

Written By Ni Kara Fury

I have to say author and artist Jomo London is really onto something with Adia Sunday Comics. It is a fresh take on one of my favorite forms of comic: the comic strip. Right out of the gate she impressed me in the prologue. Just knowing the thought/idea behind this comic strip collection set such a positive tone and reading experience.

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(C) Jomo London

I immediately wanted to get to know these characters back stories. I thought it was a great idea to have an introductory snippet about each character before you read the full collection. It made me laugh that much harder knowing that Lauren’s weakness is her love for animals, and she got into an altercation with a cute panda bear she only tried to feed. Or Felinis Lee who only wants to help and do right. But made a mistake by helping an elderly woman steal a purse from a group of young men. Felinis thought he was helping the elderly woman, but what he didn’t know was she was the thief not the young men. This comic strip teaching the reader life lesson about assumptions which I think is pretty amazing!

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(C) Jomo London

What I loved and picked up on the most in this series is how London seems to integrate these into this comic strip with ease and grace. I found myself wanting more when it was over. I enjoyed that it touched on serious issues like accountability, how to treat animals, confronting/overcoming your fears and that risks can pay off at times. I enjoyed that the characters experienced positives and negatives. As well as did things I could relate to in my day to day life. Like Adia impatiently waiting for her package. That is me every time I order anything off the internet!!!! Or Adia’s work struggles with her boss. These are things that we can all relate to.

I love that Adia Sunday Comics provides a strong black woman with positive character that puts forth a good image in the comic strip world. Adia Sunday Comics is a comic strip that I would love to see more of. I think more comics with a positive and fun nature of should be made. I would DEFINITELY recommend it to kids and adults alike!

For more comics and more information on ADIA SUNDAY comics please follow the page on Twitter and Pintrest!

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