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Tephlon Funk Invades NYC! Exclusive Interview With TF Creator Stephane Metayer

© Illustrated by David Tako

Tephlon Funk Invades NYC! Exclusive Interview With TF Creator Stephane Metayer

Tephlon Funk, Interview, Manga, NYC
© illustrated by David Tako

Tephlon Funk! is a coming-of-age story, created by Stephane Metayer. The story is set in an urban New York City and inspired by the 90s hip-hop era. Originally, the story was set to be an animated series, but Metayer decided to turn TF into a manga instead. As a long time fan of anime and manga (with his favorite manga beinf Sword of Berserk by Kentaro Mirua), Metayer has been working on the TF since high school, and is excited to finally see things come to fruition.

The Anime Complexium had the opportunity to chat with NYC native Metayer about Tephlon Funk!, and his future hopes for the project.

 Tephlon Funk, Interview, Manga, NYC
© Tephlon Funk!

When did you decided that manga is your passion?
I used to read manga here and there as a kid. I never thought about having my own series. TF was always meant to be an animated series. Boondocks and Black Dynamite producer, Carl Jones gave me advice and suggested I start off with a comic book instead.

How long have you been involved in reading/creating manga?
Not very long to be honest. I just happened to stumble across it when I was trying to get TF animated.

What is Tephlon Funk?
It means to be strong and stand out. There’s more to it than but I don’t wanna spoil it.

What was the inspiration for Tephlon Funk?
I always felt that there never was a true animated series based in NYC. Nas’ Illmatic was what eventually inspired and pushed me to give it a shot.

What was the inspiration for your main characters?
They’re all loosely based off of real people in my everyday life. Inez is based off both my older cousin and lil sister, Gabriel is modeled after my dad. Cameron is an old character I used to draw and write about in high school. Giselle is based off an older woman I used to chat with online when I was 17.

Tephlon Funk, Interview, Manga, NYC
© Tephlon Funk

Why was it important to feature characters of color in your story?
I just figured different characters with different backgrounds makes for a better story.

How did you and the featured artist, David Tako and Nicolas Safe decide on the particulars of the artwork? How did it help shape the vision for the story?
David and I put our artwork together along with our passion for anime to come up with the characters. It was a mash up between Anime, Disney and Hip Hop.

What were some of the difficulties, or, challenges you experienced while creating this manga?
I realized two years ago that this project was bigger than me. Between TF and my full time job I could only do so much. I had collaborators come and go. That is until I met David online who was already a fan of TF on Facebook and we decided to work together.

Where do you hope to see the success of Tephlon Funk!, a year from now?
I hope that within the next year not only will the book finally be out but we’ll be working on the pilot of the anime.

Tephlon Funk, Interview, Manga, NYC
© Tephlon Funk!

Can you provide any advice for those looking to create their own manga?
Consistency is key, it doesn’t matter how long it takes to get you’re story out there so long as you keep going. Reading is especially important in anything you do in life. Studying art books helps a whole lot for inspiration and honing your skills.

What else can fans expect from you in the future?
tephlonfunk.com has been relaunched! There’s a bunch of announcements coming. Some big surprises for the fans so stay tuned!


**If you want more information and videos about Tephlon Funk! You can find them all over social media. Be sure to check out their Kickstarter page, like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and Instagram, be sure to watch their animatic video on Youtube!

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