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Kpop Girl Group RANIA New Gimmick Is Half Black Member Alex

Kpop Girl Group RANIA New Gimmick Is Half Black Member Alex

By BananaDalgiUyu

Kpop, Kpop Girl, Kpop Girl Group Rania, Rania, Pop group


Kpop, Kpop Girl, Kpop Girl Group Rania, Rania, Pop group

As of late, many people have been drawn to K-Pop girl group Rania, due to their ‘shocking’ addition of a half Black, half white member. Some say she is making history while others squint with skepticism, and for good reason!  Alex’s K-Pop debut seems more like a half-assed gimmick than something to be taken seriously. I really can’t understand what she is doing in K-Pop. While most are cheering because they think she’s the first black person to be in a K-pop girl group, I roll my eyes remembering Yoon Mi Rae (Born in Texas) being a member of Tashannie back in the day.

Rania is no stranger to over the top gimmicks and concepts, starting back from their debut with Dr. Feel Good. The song produced by Teddy Riley made in both Korean and English aimed for international recognition. Unfortunately, the song was chastised instead of applauded. The K-Pop community found it overly sexual in context, concept, and slammed the music video. From their debut until now, Rania has undergone many member changes and a failed American debut. While it’s obvious Alex is in Rania for them to finally succeed in the international market, it’s painstakingly obvious she’s the ‘token black girl’ for the group. If the label really cared about the debut of Rania’s newest member, there would have been little to no backlash.

Kpop, Kpop Girl, Kpop Girl Group Rania, Rania, Pop groupTo be honest, I fail to believe any statement saying she’s a real member. She seemed disconnected in the recent Demonstrate music video. She was not a participant in any of the concept photos (apparently due to ‘visa issues’), nor is she listed on their official Facebook page as a member (but is listed on the group’s Instagram account). From what I understand she has no knowledge of the Korean language. This whole things just seems poorly planned. She has experience in the American entertainment industry, but how is she to thrive when rappers like JESSI get bashed for having partial english lyrics in rap battles. This is also the same industry that shows little support to Lee Michelle.

If a foreigner comes to a country not knowing the language, why are they there in the first place? K-Pop individuals like Ailee, Lee Ha Yi, and various others must train for months before debut, and others train for years. How is this suppose to work? Even some fans of the group agree that this is not the way to go to gain international popularity:

Kpop, Kpop Girl, Kpop Girl Group Rania, Rania, Pop group
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Too many people are caught up with Alex’s appearance to pay attention to the actual comeback song, Demonstrate. It’s catchy, but frankly has lackluster quality. The vocals are great but Alex’s raps seems more like a remixed feature than apart of the actual song. The music video is a trainwreck of different concepts forced into some mismatched settings. Rania’s earlier songs like Pop Pop Pop and Style are better than Demonstrate because those songs seem genuine. I can only hope they return to those quality songs they are most known for.


What’s your take on the addition of new member Alex? Sound off in the comment section below!

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