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What’s Really Awkward About Svetlana Chmakova’s Awkward?

What’s Really Awkward About Svetlana Chmakova’s Awkward?

By BananaDalgiUyu


So what’s really awkward about Svetlana Chmakova’s Awkward? Svetlana Chmakova is well known for her unique drawing style and interesting stories.The diversity of characters is also refreshing. Before summer 2015, fans had not seen any updated original work for quite some time. Her latest book titled, Awkward, which is centered around the lives of two middle schoolers, has been well received. This is great news. We’ve all made mistakes, and made friends in unexpected ways. If you’re an adult,  Awkward will take you back to those ‘awkward,’ soul searching, character building days. For younger kids this comic provides kids some fuel for their imagination, while giving them something to relate to in some way.

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Here is a small synopsis of Awkward:

Middle schooler Penelope (Peppi) Torres is new in town. That’s hard enough in and of itself, but unfortunately for her, she quite literally fumbles her first day at her new school. Not only does she trip in the middle of the hallway and scatter all of her belongings, but she freaks out under the pressure of jeering passersby and pushes Jaime Thompson, the unpopular nerd who stops to help her pick up her books. She regrets it immediately, but is too shy to apologize. Every time she tries to work up the nerve to speak to Jaime, she’s overcome with  awkwardness. Weeks later, Peppi has found herself a circle of friends by joining the art club—although she still hasn’t been able to apologize to Jaime. To make matters even more awkward, Jaime is a member of the science club, the art club’s bitter rivals. Now how is she ever going to apologize?

 The book has diverse characters whom all have different personalities. From the two main characters to the teachers, it’s safe to say life is awkward no matter how old you are.  This book may be considered an eye opener of sorts for the older readers who start to look back and wonder where their past selves went, or where their old ambitions and dreams ran off to. It can also be a mirror for the young who haven’t learned to evaluate the big picture of their actions and the way they treat people.

This comic is a nice break from the usual shojo, shonen, fantasy, magical girl, fanservice works we’re surrounded by these days. It’s a must have for any comic/manga lover looking for a change of pace!


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