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Racist And Misogynist Won’t Let Black Women Cosplay In Peace!

Racist And Misogynist Won’t Let Black Women Cosplay In Peace!

Imagine you’ve spent 70+ hours working on your cosplay costume. You’ve put your blood, sweat, and tears into your work. Your friends dig your look, and you take some great con pictures to lock in the memory of your experience. Then after you upload your pictures and one of them goes viral, but not for the reason you think.


People of color have a hard time in the nerd/cosplay fandom as it is. But to add fuel to the fire, their work is undermined in such a disgusting, hurtful fashion. Unfortunately, it seems black female cosplayers are bearing the brunt of this bad behavior. All these girls want to do is cosplay, have fun, and be left alone, instead, they have to deal with f**kbois, racism, sexism, and/or misogynoir.

If you are unclear about the definition of misogynoir let me help you:

Misogynoir is a term referring to misogyny directed towards Black women, where race and gender both play roles in bias. It was coined by queer Black feminist scholar Moya Bailey, who created the term to address misogyny directed toward black women in American visual and popular culture. It also refers to the level of patriarchy and sexism everpresent among Black males and directed toward black women.

Misogynoir is the worst possible thing that these cosplayers could endure. Not only must they deal with racism from non-black cosplayers, and your average racist scum (Who say things like, “black girls look ugly in cosplay”), but they have to put up with this treatment from within?!

From my sources, this is the individual owho made that trash meme above.

Racist, Misogynist, Misogynoir, Cosplay, Black women

I don’t know if he is trying to be funny, or if he hates black women, but whatever the reason, this is abusive behavior. Point blank!

There is rightful outrage surrounding this photo and photos like it. Black women are tired of the stereotypes, the scrutiny, feeling undervalued, and their hard work being under appreciated. “Be the bigger person,” and “get over it,”  is not considered good advice when black women are venting their frustrations about the cosplay community. How do you think these young ladies felt seeing this photo? Did anyone consider their feelings when finding this funny? I am here to let you know that endorsing this photo, or any other tomfoolery like it negates what it means to be a cosplayer. You are part of the problem.

I just want to let everyone know that the Anime Complexium is here to uplift, edify, and promote your hard work. We must be there for one another. When you’re at the next convention look at the lady to your left and your right and give her the confidence to continue going forward in the cosplay game. Lastly,  ALWAYS stand up to those who would try to silence you and keep you quiet. Speak your mind. Haters are always going to hate but don’t let that stop you from getting your cosplay life!

Racist, Misogynist, Misogynoir, Cosplay, Black women


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