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10 KPOP Songs to Add to Your Study Playlist

10 KPOP Songs to Add to Your Study Playlist

By Justine Banal

With finals season about to be in full swing, the time has come for final research papers, college apps, and finals galore. However, finding a quiet, mellow place to focus is no easy task. Music is a great way to tune out background noise, and the key to the perfect study playlist is choosing songs that are not too upbeat to distract you and not too soothing to put you to sleep. If you’re a KPOP fan, this list should mello out your study time. I promise these 10 KPOP songs make buckling down and hitting the books less of a chore. So here is my list for the top 10 Kpop Songs you should listen to while studying.  Now lets get right into it!


This song is gives a bit of edge to a mellow acoustic sound with a hip-hop beat. “Officially Missing You” can definitely keep you up when it’s time to buckle down.


2. TWO MELODIES – Zion. T Featuring Crush

This song pairs up two of Korean R&B’s most soothing voices, Zion.T and Crush. A simple combination of piano, percussion, and vocals, “Two Melodies” can add some soul to any study session.


3. CIGARETTE– ToppDogg

In “Cigarette,” Topp Dogg shows off a more chill sound while still maintaining the energy for which they’re known for. This makes the song a perfect study time track. The song really takes advantage of the group’s large amount of members with different rappers and vocalists on each verse and harmonies throughout.


4. SYMPTOMS– Shinee

Though it’s tempting to passionately lip sync to the members’ vocal riffs, this song’s powerful vibe will keep you awake and productive during those late night cram sessions.



This acoustic version of Jay Park’s hit song still highlights his soulful voice and has a  laid back vibe.


6. COME BACK HOME (Unplugged)– 2NE1

It may be unusual to think of “Come Back Home” without the island feel of the verses and the drop after the chorus, but this chilled down version still highlights 2NE1’s vocal prowess with a more ballad-esque vibe.

7. GOODBYE SUMMER (Ft. D.O. of EXO)– f(x)

With “Goodbye Summer” (arguably one of the best tracks on f(x)’s album “Pink Tape”), it’s easy to just lose yourself in the song’s soothing vibe. The ladies of f(x) combine their dulcet sound with D.O.’s soulful voice to create a light, melodic song.


8. MELTED- Akdong Musician

Classical music is a go-to genre for study playlists, and the piano and strings in Akdong Musician’s “Melted” definitely gives the song an orchestral feel. However, the song gets a modern twist and takes on a more whimsical air when the tempo picks up before the first verse.



In addition to the perfect playlist, no late night study session is complete without caffeine. “Coffee” lives up to its title with a combination of sweet vocals and robust rap keeping you awake and stimulated like a cup of joe.



With songs like “Power,” “Warrior,” and “No Mercy,” soft songs about coffee shops don’t immediately come to mind when you think of B.A.P. However, this softer sound, especially with the vocals, makes this song great background music.


What KPOP songs are on your study playlist? Comment below!


**Justine Banal is a freelance writer for the Fchornet and the Anime Complexium. She is an expert in all things K-pop. For more information contact her via Twitter**

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