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Cosplay Costumes Highlights: Roxxy Haze

Cosplay Costumes Highlights: Roxxy Haze

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Roxxy Haze is from a place called Roxxtopia. She calls it, “A cross between Alice in Wonderland, meets My Little Pony, meets Paramore angst.”  This really means, she’s legally from Houston, Texas! She has been involved in cosplay for three solid years, but decided to start taking cosplay seriously a year ago. Some of her cosplays include Misty (Pokemon), Goku and Vegeta (Dragon Ball Z), Captain America, among others. The Anime Complexium took the time to chat with Roxxy about her favorite cosplay costumes and her upcoming con appearances.

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Who or what inspired you to start cosplay?
I have always wanted to cosplay, even when I was younger. I just never really had the money. I went to my first comic convention in 2013, because my friend bought me a ticket. I decided to be Misty because her outfit is pretty simple (and cheap) to create. When I got there, so many people came up to me asking to take pictures. It was crazy and so much fun. Ever since then, I have loved doing it.

What do you do when you aren’t cosplaying?
I’m a youtubist and comedian. Youtubist sounds so much cooler than Youtuber. My channel is called IAMROXXYHAZE. I have a couple different segments: Ask Roxxy, Hangin with Roxxy and #BEDTIMEBITCHIN with Roxxy. #BEDTIMEBITCHIN is one of my favorites because it’s just me talking shit about whatever I want. I do a lot of cosplay on my youtube channel as well so I’m kind of never NOT cosplaying. lol

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Which character is your favorite to cosplay?
Ahhh this is hard. It’s a 3 way tie between Bane, Powerline and Finn. I love the Bane cosplay because I haven’t seen too many female Bane cosplayers. I got so much love for it. The Powerline cosplay is new, but its such a nostalgic character that I really enjoy it. Finn is just such a fun, awesome character.

Which cosplay costumes have provided the biggest challenge and rewards so far and why?
I can’t say that I have faced too many challenges as of yet, but this has been very rewarding to me. I have met a lot of celebrities and cool people at the cons. I’ve got to make a lot of fun videos. I just love cosplaying!

Cosplay, Costume Cosplay, Cosplay Costumes, Anime
(c) Roxxy Haze

Do you get to travel the country to different conventions? Also, where can fans expect to see you at next?
I have been to conventions only in Texas so far in Houston and San Antonio. I was supposed to go to Wizard Con in Austin Halloween weekend, but it flooded. Next year,  I am planning on going to Wizard World in Atlanta in January. Also I plan to travel to Las Vegas, New York and HOPEFULLY, San Diego. If you see me at any cons, PLEASE come up and say hi! I’m always shooting videos at the cons and I love to have as many people in them as I can!

Lastly, What is the best advice you would give someone new to cosplay?
A lot of people are scared when they first cosplay. They don’t want people to make fun of them or they feel like they have to be built a certain way. NO! That’s why I love the cosplay community as a whole. It’s very open, it’s becoming very diverse. It’s a place where you can be yourself by being someone else.


She is all over social media! For more information, pictures, and updates on Roxxy Haze, be sure to like her Facebook page, and follow her on Twitter and Instagram 


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