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Star Wars Trailer Theory: Female Jedi Awakens The Force?

(c) Disney/Lucas Films

This is an anime site…and Star Wars is not necessarily related to anime…BUT the series is inspired by Japanese Samurai culture. That has to count for something!

After watching the Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens trailer 50 times, thoughts and theories begin to swarm in my mind. The trailer is being narrated by someone. Who is it? Who exactly is the narrator talking to? Why don’t we see Luke Skywalker or Lupita N’yongo in the trailer?! I have come up with some answers.  Let me know if you agree or disagree.

Who is narrating?
The voice at the beginning of the trailer ask, “who are you?” And at the end of the trailer the same voice says, “The force is calling to you. Let it in.” Well, that voice is none other than Lupita N’yongo’s character Pirate Maz Kanata.

We heard Maz voice, but why didn’t we see her in the trailer?
Probably due to the highly disappointing concept art that was released earlier this year. I can’t say I was surprise that Lupita is a stop-motion character, but this cannot be the final look:

Maz Kanata Star Wars
(c) Disney/Lucas Films

Fans were pretty upset with this image. Even someone labeling it “aunt jar-jarmimea.” My guess is they released the image to get fan reaction. When they saw it wasn’t favorable, they went back to redesign the look. At least I hope that’s what they are doing.

Who is Maz talking too in the trailer?

Well it’s clear in the beginning of the trailer she’s talking to Rey because we hear her voice answer the first question with, “I am no one.”  At the end of the trailer, I am pretty sure Maz is talking to Rey still. In the trailer Finn picks up a Jedi sword so we know he has some of the force in him. That part isn’t a secret. But Rey has been super mysterious, and we don’t know her potential or what she is capable of, as the trailers have not told us much.  When all is said and done, I think we are about to witness our first female Jedi being the center of the Star Wars universe.

star wars force awakens
(c) disney/lucas film

If you analyze the poster, Rey’s size and position are a lot bigger than Finn. Why? Probably because she is the center of the story. Not Boyega like I initially thought.


Why is Luke Skywalker is MIA?
You see R2-D2, and a covered hand, but you don’t see Luke Skywalker’s face.

Star Wars Force Awakens
(c) Disney/Lucas Films

I can’t really wrap my finger around why he so mysterious. He doesn’t even appear in the poster. My theory is that he was the last of the Jedi has gone into hiding. probably better to hide than to continue running. Or maybe the power of the forces laid dormant. I the he finally comes out of hiding when he feels the force being awakened.

Well folks that’s all I got. Do you agree? Disagree? Am I out of my mind? Lets talk about it! Be sure to like Anime Complexium on Facebook and Follow Us on Twitter!


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