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Rude! Youtube “Star” Engages In Fatshaming Cosplayers

fat cosplay
(c) Onision

Youtuber Onision, thrives on being dudebro.  Since he isn’t naturally funny, his brand of humor makes sure to insult everyone he can. I don’t pay attention to him, or his Youtube channel. However, his video “Fat Cosplay” showed up in one of the anime groups I frequent.  I stupidly decided to watch it, and now I am wishing I had not. The video highlights mostly female cosplayers at various cons.  Each cosplayer had their costume and face visible for millions to ridicule. Now the video is old, but highlights a growing problem in the cosplay community.  The video has the nerve to feature a warning in case you are easily offended. As if that is going to change anything.

fat cosplay
(c) Onision


In the video he proceeds to belittle, shame, and s**t talk about everything from their weight to the quality of their costume. I could not finish the video. I was in disbelief that someone could be so damn cruel. I am angry for the cosplay community. I am protective of it, especially against harassment and bullying. It takes a lot for Cosplayers to muster the courage to step out of their homes in their creations. They work hard to look their best at each convention. We all go to these events to have fun, not to be embarrassed by some half-baked “comedian”  and his minions. He continues to twist the knife by stating this:

Cosplay is extremely fun if you do it right, but for those who don’t know the first thing about costume play (cos play) only to go to a cosplay convention, well, you’re in for some humiliation. Of course you won’t have the best cosplay at first, but eventually your cosplay costumes will be more accurate to how you actually look (like you won’t see me ever dressing as Blade because it wouldn’t make sense, but L from Death Note? People said I did ok). If you’re going to do it right, go for a cosplay costume that works with your face/body type, you will find much more appreciation that way, and you’ll look cooler too!

Who does he think he is policing how people cosplay?! Has anyone ever seen his cosplay? Is he any good? Or does he just run his mouth from behind the camera and keyboard? I know the community has been shaken up by political and race issues, but weight, and quality should never be a factor when admiring a costume.

This elitist attitude should not be allowed to thrive in this community. The shaming has to stop!


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