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NYCC’ 15: Actress Rashida Jones Talks Angie Tribeca & Women On TV

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At New York Comic Con, I had the chance to interview Rashida Jones about her role in the new upcoming TV show, Angie Tribeca, and how strong female characters are finally changing the landscape of Television. The show, written by Steve and Nancy Carrell, takes after the likes of popular comedies such as Naked Gun, and Airplane. So you can expect silliness and slapstick humor. The series follows Angie Tribeca, a tough as nails detective who is capable, committed and strong. She’s also a lone wolf, and is not thrilled when she is told she has to work with a partner. She is a no-nonsense woman who speaks her mind and treads where many fear to venture.

After getting a sense of what Jones’ character and the show is about, I went straight in and asked her how she felt about the state of women, and particularly, women of color  in television. Since TV has embraced strong female leads, I was curious to know how she felt, and what she foresees for the future. She had some interesting things to say:

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“I think it’s great, but I am a little impatient with this kind of stuff. I think it’s about damn time! It took so long for people to understand that women’s issues are not a minority thing. Women make up over half the population in this country. I think it’s just a matter of correction, especially, with women of color. I could not be more happy about the outcome of the Emmys. It was so groundbreaking but I wish It wasn’t. I can’t wait until we get to a point where nothing is groundbreaking. It isn’t news. I am tired of this being news. I want this to be the norm.”

She makes a fantastic point. In 2015, first time black/brown/red/yellow anything is shocking and sad. With the diversity shift happening in television, hopefully this is not a one shot deal. Let’s bank on this being a pace that can be maintained consistently.  Now more than ever, there are different types of female characters, strong female characters that everyone can identify with, especially young girls. Hopefully, Hollywood studios will soon follow suit and realize how important, and profitable, it is to put women at the forefront.

Angie Tribeca will premiere its first season, January, 2016 on the TBS cable network. The trailer looks pretty funny. I’m looking forward to it. Check out the trailer here:



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