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New York Comic Con 2015: Day 0 Experience

First let me say, I am so grateful that NYCC took a chance a lil site like us. This is my first New York Comic Con. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I arrived at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center where it is being held. I know I didn’t expect it to be crowded. Day 0 is never crowded right? WRONG!

I was overwhelmed with the amount of people there on the first official day of the con. In addition, I thought NYCC operated on a much smaller scale than San Diego Comic Con (SDCC). I guess not. My game plan was to check out the lay of the land. Find the panel rooms, walk through the exhibitors hall, find food, bathrooms, etc. Even that was a difficult task as I had to wade through the massive crowd of cosplayers and photographers. After several hours of roaming, I found all I needed to and was ready to get into the action.

I snagged a not so great picture of actress Eliza Dushku of the hit show on Showtime Banshee.

(c) Banshee Interview

Took some pictures of these various sites…

(c) Back to the future
(c) Back to the future

(c) Funkofunko2

No panels though :(

The good thing NYCC is establishing itself within a league of its own. Not trying to necessarily follow in SDCC’s footsteps by being a haven for movie news and red-carpet glamor, has helped them find an identity of their own. NYCC is covering all types of video game releases, anime, comics, and TV shows. TV, TV, TV. Nathan Fillion, Lucy Liu, and Vin Diesel are among some of the celebrities that will be present at this year’s convention.



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